Gemma is a teenage girl who has come subsea, looking for her older brother, Richard Straid (A.K.A. Shade (Stated so in the book!)) Gemma met Ty in an abandonded prospector's sub, where blood is smeared everywhere. Ever since then, until she found her brother, she's been looking, along with the help of Ty, for her brother.

   However, when she found him, he wasn't what she'd been expecting. Richard, her brother, is Shade, the leader of the Seablite Gang. She also found out that he has a Dark Gift of his own, one that gives him the ability to change the color of his skin.

        Gemma has been living with Ty and his family, since she has no where else to go. Shade/Richard signed a form so that Gemma could be free and away from the boarding school that she used to go to.