A Dark Gift is an ability that humans living subsea develop.

Ty, can send out clicks(high pitched or low) and see the sea likce echolocation, it's biosonar, he also can use it as a weapon by sending out low pitched clicks.

Zoe, she can shock people or objects.

Shade, can camoflauge himself his tattoos seem to move but that just tells you his skin is about to change, he sends pulses to his synapses(nervous system) to change so when he gets eletricouted he goes haywire and his skin keeps changing and he can't control it.

Pretty, he can hypnotize people by using high pitched squeals to send them into a trance

Hewwit is a genius. He can instantly find out the pressure of water by dipping his toe in it. As soon as he walks into the room he knows everyone's vitals and he can understand all computers.

All of the Seablite Gang and children who live on the subsea homesteads have Dark Gifts

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